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When you browse within this website (hereinafter called the 'Site') information is collected that can identify your computer (or any mobile devices used by you to surf the Internet) and its browser, through the installation of small text files called 'cookies' and other computational methods comparable to the same (for purposes of this document jointly called 'Cookies').

Cookies installed by the Site are divided into the following types:

  • Technical cookies: these are closely related to browsing within the Site and ensure normal browsing in the same. They allow, among other things, keeping track of your choices (language selection or the size of the font used), recognizing your computer or mobile device in the event of any new connection and operating a browsing session (allowing you to keep active the connection to the protected login area for the entire duration of the browsing session). They are also used for statistical purposes to improve the service and usability of the site by users.
  • Third-party technical cookies: these are cookies installed through the Site by third parties (selected by Pirelli). This category includes Google Analytics Cookies, used for statistical purposes in aggregate and anonymous form, for analyzing the visits and browsing on the Site by users.
  • Third-party profiling cookies for marketing purposes: these are cookies installed through the Site by third parties to send you ads which are personalized and in line with your preferences, according to the information about the pages visited (e.g. visit on pages of this Site or other sites that use the same cookies).



This site provides features for sharing content through social networks. The operator concerned may collect information such as the IP address used or the pages visited or store cookies. The collection of this information is governed by the privacy policy of the companies that provide these features. For more information on the use of data, to reject installation and/or proceed with the cancellation of these cookies you can refer to the following links:


How to reject installation and/or proceed with cancelling Cookies

If you wish, you can set your browser, through the special options available, in order to reject the automatic installation of cookies or delete all Cookies installed from your computer or mobile device.

The procedure differs depending on the browser used. Below are the links to the support pages of the major browsers:

Google Chrome




Internet Explorer




WARNING: Disabling and/or deleting technical Cookies could result in the disruption to your browsing through the Site.


Third-party technical Cookies

This site uses third-party Cookies. For more information or to block these Cookies, please refer to the section about Cookies contained in the websites of third parties, listed below.


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How to reject the installation and/or proceed with cancelling third-party profiling Cookies for marketing purposes.

When you log in to the Site from a particular computer or mobile device for the first time a brief disclosure is shown about the use of Cookies through the immediate appearance of a banner.

Closing the banner or continuing with browsing and accessing any external element to the banner, you agree to the installation of third-party profiling Cookies.

There is a link to this page in the banner, through which you can get more information and disable third-party profiling Cookies for marketing purposes.

In both cases (either in the case of consent or in the case of denial of consent to the use of profiling Cookies) technical Cookies will be installed on your computer or mobile device which you are using for browsing, in order to keep track of consent or denial of consent. If not manually deleted, these technical cookies remain on your computer or mobile device for a period of 12 months after their installation.

The names of these technical cookies are:

cookiesInfo: for tracking consent to the use of cookies.

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