Algatan® as a solution to antimicrobial resistance

What's Algatan®

The natural solution

Algatan® is the range of complementary and dietetic food and feed for livestock and pets, a range that is completed with the line of fertilizers and biostimulants for plants.


It arises from the need to counter the abuse of antibiotics.

The fusion of the elements of the sea and the earth creates a synergy of action to complete nutrition and prevent health problems.


By integrating the nutrition of your animals with the range of products Algatan® you get animals and plants healthy and performing thanks to 100% natural products.

Algatan® Livestock

The line of specialized food supplements for your farm animals.


Algatan® Gea

The specific fertilizer and biostimulant product for your crops.


Algatan® Pet

The natural products for your dogs, cats and four-legged friends.


Algatan® Horse

The natural line of food supplements for your horses.


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Algatan® protection

Would it not be extraordinary if there were a range of products that could promote the natural protection of animals and plants?


With the Algatan® protection system (the natural solution) we aim for this: offer original and natural solutions in the livestock, agricultural and human sectors to combat antibiotic resistance, improve the quality of life and reduce the costs of healthcare.


With Algatan® we put animals and plants in a position to autonomously protect themselves from pathogens, bacteria, protozoa and viruses, thus reducing the use of antibiotics, phytopharmaceuticals and chemotherapeutics.

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The numbers of Algatan®

Customers who have chosen Algatan® products
Animals that have taken Algatan® products in 2019
Bacteria that collaborates with Algatan®
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Algatan® is good for:

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Man and Animals

The secret of Algatan® is the balance between Animals, Environment and Man. The search for homeostasis among these elements is the heart of the studies of LT Natural Group® for the range of products Algatan® which follow the philosophy “Salus for Alimenta”.

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All products in the Algatan® range are completely natural and safe for our planet. Raw materials come from countries that do not exploit ecosystems and people, allowing the development of correct social attitudes.

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LT Natural Group® policy aims to improve the health of humans and animals by reducing management costs for diseases resulting from drug abuse.

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Other brands of LT Natural Group®

Riquadro La Nera

Phytodermocosmetic cream

and gel for animals.

Rapid analysis tools for the control

of bacterial forms.

Riquadro Cuprotan

Phytodermocosmetic cream

and gel for man.

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