Algatan® Livestock

Algatan® Livestock constitutes the range of Antibiotic-Free products and technologies dedicated to the veterinary livestock sector.

When your animals are subjected to severe stress and susceptible to pathological states, such as inflammatory or gastrointestinal disorders, Algatan® Livestock carries out a preventive and beneficial action, as reported in scientific literature.


All this is possible thanks to the development of a proper bacterial flora able to inhibit and control the agents of diseases. This brings added value to the entire supply chain, from the farmer to the final consumer, ensuring healthy and performing animals as well as a high quality product.

The products Algatan® Livestock represent the natural solution that protects animals with high yield or particular genetic value.

A balanced synergy

From seaweed to terrestrial plants

Algatan® Livestock products are composed of a mixture of selected micro and macro seaweeds, dried plant extracts and precious medicinal plants, all compounds processed in absence of denaturing processes.


When health conditions are compromised, minerals, vitamins and energy will break down, the organism does not properly assimilate the nutrients and the tissues involved enter a state of reduced functionality and increased sensitivity to disease and pathogen attacks. The organs and cells that will be compromised will initiate states of oxidative stress, inflammation and injuries which, chronicling over time, will lead the body into a vicious circle that will trigger multiple pathological states at the same time.


In these cases Algatan® Livestock, through an energizing action, aims to involve those physiological processes that regulate the basal metabolism, the functionality of the digestive tract and the intestinal microbiota.


Algatan® Livestock products are formulated on the basis of a particular mix of raw materials containing the following principles:

Icona Sinergia 3


produced by plants, bacteria, fungi and animals are a key element in the food and feed industry thanks to their ability to protect cells from oxidative stress.

Icona Sinergia 1


also called "trace elements", are the mineral salts that regulate the biological functions essential for the organism; they intervene and balance many reactions and their absence causes hydro-saline imbalances.

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are compounds extremely diffused in the vegetal and animal kingdom, widely used in nutraceuticals, play an important role in supporting cellular tissues and energy reserves.

Algatan® Poultry

Algatan® Cow

Algatan® Pig

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