Algatan® Gea

Algatan® Gea is the product with fertilizing and biostimulating properties for all plant species.


Algatan® Gea allows the tissues to receive a stimulus that produces and modulates different signals which, sent to the target areas of your plant, serve for the defense, growth and production of better roots, leaves, flowers and fruits.


The regulatory action of Algatan® Gea on plant tissues is closely linked to the type of algae and their relationship with the polyphenols, microelements and polysaccharides used. Their concentration and the manufacturing process represent the strength of the product and the distinctive character of LT Natural Group®.


With Algatan® Gea you will have 15 billion collaborators at your side: bacteria.


The effects of Algatan® Gea

From seaweed to terrestrial plants

The biostimulating and regenerating activities of Algatan® Gea have been tested and confirmed in laboratory and in open field by important national and international research centers and universities. Its effects translate to you in better quality, shorter waiting times, more profit and better defense management.

Icona Rafforza Radici

Strengthens the roots

Icona Favorisce Crescita

Promotes growth

Icona Difende dallo Stress

Defends against stress

Icona Proprieta Terreno

Improves soil properties

Icona Fotosintesi

Improves photosynthesis

Icona Modulazione Batterica

Modulates bacteria

Algatan® Gea for Conventional and Biological Agriculture

Algatan® Gea for Greenhouse and Nursery

Algatan® Gea for Sport and Home

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