Algatan® Dog

Algatan® Dog is a dry and complete food based on pelagic fish rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, capable of reducing inflammatory phenomena by significantly decreasing the activity of the immune system which will be more balanced. Algatan® Dog is a food balanced on the specific needs of your dogs and provides the right energy to maintain the correct shape in dogs involved in sporting activities, working dogs or purebred breeding dogs.


Algatan® Dog helps in the reduction of all disorders related to food intolerances and gets this result thanks to:

  • raw materials of high quality and free of chemical and pharmacological residues, first of all oxytetracycline, which cause toxic and inflammatory phenomena to the detriment of cells;
  • high intake of omega 3, essential for their anti-inflammatory action, to control cell growth and their elasticity and which therefore help to significantly reduce the risk of overweight;
  • medicinal plants with antioxidant action, modulating the immune system whose defense capabilities are are daily altered by the destabilizing aggression of pollutants.

Tangible sign of Algatan® Dog's actions on the general health of your dog is also the maintenance of the brightness of the coat during the change of seasons or during the moult.

Algatan® Dog products

Dry Food

Mini (dogs from 1 kg to 11 kg)

Dry Food

Medium/Maxi (dogs from 11 kg to 70 kg)

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