Algatan® Poultry

Algatan® Poultry is the line of products for the genuine Antibiotic-Free supply chain capable of improving the well-being and health of poultry farms as well as offering added value to the final product.


Algatan® Poultry restores and balances the gastrointestinal tract regulating the bacterial flora and carrying out its antibacterial functions even on the litter, thus making the environment healthier.



In vivo and in vitro test results of Algatan® Poultry products are available on request.

The advantages of Algatan® Poultry line

  • Improve health conditions.

  • Improve the oviposition curve.

  • Improve the characteristics of the egg: harder eggshells with less waste.

  • Improve the natural pigmentation of the yolk.

  • Improve the increase in live weight.

  • Improve the characteristics of the litter which will be drier.

  • Increase the immuno defenses.

  • Reduce pathologies.

  • Reduce inflammatory states of animals.

  • Reduce mortality in the growth and weaning phases.

  • Keep stress under control.

  • Keep groups more homogeneous.

In special cases, the products of the Algatan® Poultry line can be customized according to the needs of your company in full compliance with individual company protocols.


The line of prebiotics Algatan® Poultry significantly increases the relative abundance of bacterial taxa beneficial for intestinal health and proper growth of the hen. These bacteria have different metabolic functions that can be related to a more complete and balanced integral action for the maintenance of the intestinal eubiosis.


By integrating the feeding of the laying hen with Algatan® Poultry, you can increase the laying curve with more resistant and beautiful eggs even in the weeks after the recovery from the productive rest. During critical health conditions AlgaGit, AlgaPirina and Mater solve enteric problems and mycotoxicosis. We can create protocols of use with your specific needs for each stage of breeding and for each week of interest of the chick, the pullet and the hen.


Broilers and Turkeys

The use of Algatan® Poultry in the food plan of broilers significantly decreases the abundance of taxa bacterial considered harmful to intestinal health, also the growth of chickens is increased at the slaughterhouse by 0,5 kg of live weight per head at the slaughterhouse, saving time on production.


The significant reduction of the Campylobacter jejuni species in the intestine of broilers and on the surface of the slaughterhouse carcasses improves the healthiness of the productions as required by the 2017/1495 EU regulation


The use of Algatan® Poultry for turkeys is particularly indicated in cases of hemorrhagic enteritis and consequent colibacillosis. Algatan® Poultry allows you to save the manpower needed for treatment and reduce the costs due to the use of antibiotics. For chicks in distress or not too vital, it is recommended to intervene with Bebè in order to improve the general condition.

Algatan® Poultry products

Prova Polvere


Contains vegetable proteins

Formulated with natural products and vegetable proteins of high biological value, it is the complementary food that acts on the general well-being of the chicks, allowing them to grow better, healthier and faster. It is a product capable of piloting microbiota colonization as well as increasing and improving intestinal villi. Bebè is a highly digestible product highly useful for preventing neonatal enteritis.

Mater Hen Silhouette


Contains officinal herbs

Suitable for all poultry, it improves fertility, keeps the health aspect of farms under control and speeds up the processes of animal growth. In the case of laying hens, administered before the brood, it transfers the nutrients to the chick. Mater improves the overall egg quality, the shell strength, the natural pigmentation of the yolk and increases the oviposition.

AlgaGit Poultry


Contains seaweed

It is the complementary food that naturally stimulates the immune defenses, the basal metabolism and physiological processes. AlgaGit plays the important function of selection, regulation and modulation of bacteria and also balances the presence of bacteria and pathogens, thus increasing the overall health of the animal. It acts as a protector and balancer of the bacterial flora in the gastro intestinal tract, which leads to an increase in performance. It contains a high concentration of trace elements easily assimilated that help to strengthen the natural defenses of the organism.

AlgaCalm Poultry Silhouette


Contains "valeriana officinalis"

Born from the need to break down adrenergic peaks in particularly aggressive poultry and/ or in conditions of strong stress, acts on the receptors performing a calming action. AlgaCalm is strongly indicated for group formation and relaxes your animals before transport, vaccination and slaughter. It is a phyto-complex product rich in essential oils, sesquiterpenes, alkaloids, flavonoids and GABA-like principles. Can be used for long periods without creating addiction.

AlgaPirina Poultry Silhouette


Contains salicin and hesperidin

Indicated as anti-inflammatory and antipyretic, it is a complementary feed formulated from natural extracts that improves blood flow, solves respiratory problems and reduces heat stress. AlgaPirina acts as an adjuvant for the distribution of active substances in the body during bacterial and viral respiratory diseases; it is inhibitor of oxidative stress and can be used for a long time.

Hepato Poultry Silhouette


Contains cynarin

Designed to strengthen the detoxifying capacity of the liver, it acts in particular against mycotoxins, medicinal metabolites and other harmful contaminants such as herbicides, pesticides, nitrites, nitrates and heavy metals. Composed of plant and natural extracts, HepatoProtective comes in liquid and solid form: the first is ideal for an attack response on animals already very intoxicated, the second has a slower action with more performing effects.

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