Conventional and Biological Agriculture

Algatan® Gea, used in open field on herbaceous or arboreal species, increases endogenous natural defenses and improves production performances in terms of quality and yield per hectare. The most evident effects are manifested in the processes of stimulation, differentiation and growth of plant tissues in pre-emergence, rising, vegetative restart, flowering, fertilization and setting.


In vitro and in vivo test results of Algatan® Gea products are available on request.

Arboreal cultures

Citrus, olive, vine, apricot, peach, plum, pear, apple, actinidia, banana.

Algatan® Gea, in the arboreal species, increases the photosynthetic action in the phenological phases determining the setting and the augmentation of the fruits, for the correct production of sugary substances and noble metabolites.


Algatan® Gea increases your production by up to 10% and the fruits have a better size and a higher color and Brix degree. This only happens with the addition of correct agronomic practices such as pruning and thinning of the fruit.


Used in pre-vegetative growth, pre and post flowering and during fruit enlargement, Algatan® Gea defends your plants from late frosts and temperature changes, from attacks by Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Icona Frutteti


Icona Vigneti


Icona Oliveti

Olive groves

Herbaceous Crops

Tomato, potato, courgette, melon, watermelon, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, salads, artichoke, eggplant, sweet pepper, rice, legumes.

Algatan® Gea, in the herbaceous species, increases the germination of seeds and the development of micro roots, facilitates the rooting and promotes the development of a vigorous root system for better assimilation of nutrients.

Algatan® Gea strengthens your plant's natural defenses from biotic and abiotic stresses; through a thickening of the cell wall, the tissues are better protected from environmental stress and are better resistant to pathologies, cryptogams and insects.

Through an important balancing action between soil bacteria and naturally active substances against phytopathogens, Algatan® Gea safeguards the biodiversity of the soil that remains rich in organic substance usable by microflora.

Icona Cerealicole

Cereal crops

Icona Fienicole

Forage crops

Icona Pomacee

Horticultural crops

Algatan® Gea products

Algatan® Gea for Conventional and Biological Agriculture

Liquid formulation

Algatan® Gea for Conventional and Biological Agriculture

Solid formulation

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