Greenhouse and nursery

Algatan® Gea is the product to be used on annuals, biennials or perennials. We recommend using it at the resumption of the vegetative cycle, during the transplant and reproduction stages to reduce all stress and provide your plants the right energy to increase height and biomass, produce abundant flowering and qualitatively improved productions


In vitro and in vivo test results of Algatan® Gea products are available on request.

Greenhouse and Nursery

Salads and leafy vegetables, basil, tomatoes, strawberries, small fruits, ornamentals, transplants, cuttings, grafts.

In a protected environment and in nursery, for floricultural, horticultural, ornamental or fruit species, Algatan® Gea is ideal for reproduction and transplantation.


It improves and supports the power of the roots that turn out to be stronger. The seedling will put the roots in less time and will better absorb water and nutrients.


It allows a biostimulating action against the plant structures responsible for strengthening the plant, improving performance in terms of blooms, pigmentation, fruit size, quality and shelf-life of the product.


It improves the adsorbing power, that is, it retains and releases water, allowing an enhanced activity and mobility of the nutrients of the soil and the nutrient solution, if used in hydroponic cultivation systems.

Icona Piccoli Frutti

Small fruits

Icona Idroponica

Hydroponic cultivation

Icona Floricoltura

Flowers and ornamental

Algatan® Gea products

Algatan® Gea for Greenhouse and Nursery

Liquid formulation

Algatan® Gea for Greenhouse and Nursery

Solid formulation

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