Sport and Home

Algatan® Gea guarantees healthy and green lawns, for high or low maintenance lawns even if subject to high trampling.

For the home and the vegetable garden have been created practical packages already dosed for you who love to take care of your green space and always have fresh products and lush flowers.


In vivo and in vitro test results of Algatan® Gea products are available on request.


Rolled lawns, golf, soccer, garden.

On playground and home lawns, Algatan® Gea provides nutrients that improve and promote the regrowth of torn clods and turf. The strong antibacterial activity of the product allows you to solve the problems of yellowing and thinning, uniform the lawn and strengthens the head and root.


Algatan® Gea is a product that improves and nourishes the soil microbiota and edaphic communities, keeps high the level of organic substance and under control the phytopathogens. It is a 100% natural and non-toxic product that can be used on lawns in which freely circulate animals that eat the essences of grassland fertilizers.

Icona Golf

Golf meadows

Icona Giardino

Rolled lawns

Icona Calcio

Soccer fields


Vegetable and home garden.

Algatan® Gea is the practical and functional fertilizer and biostimulant for your vegetable and home garden. Even on a small terrace it is the perfect nourishment for flowers, shrubs, fruit trees and vegetables.


Thanks to the special formulation that combines algae with polyphenols of marine and terrestrial origin, Algatan® Gea is an excellent product to use at any time of the year for the real needs of your plants and flowers.

To be distributed on the ground or with irrigation water, it improves structure and fertility, nourishing even the most demanding plants. It is also certified for the increasingly requested organic crops.

Icona Orto

Vegetable gardens and fruit plants

Icona Fiori

Flowers and ornamental

Icona Fiori in Vaso

Potted flowers

Algatan® Gea products

Algatan® Gea for Sport and Home

Liquid formulation

Algatan® Gea for Sport and Home

Solid formulation

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